90-Minute Success Strategy Session

A 90-minute Success Strategy Coaching Session

Create an intentional strategy and map out the next steps for your business, career, or personal life.

This is for you if you identify with any of these statements…


You want to take your business or career to the next level but you're not sure what your next steps should be


You're in a career that no longer feels aligned, but you're not sure how to pivot


You have large income goals in your career or your business, but you've consistently struggled to reach them


You've created countless budgets but have never been able to stick with them for long 


You just feel stuck, but you're not sure why

“In one call with Josie, she helped me see the ways I was getting in my own way and keeping my business from growing, and she helped me come up with a strategic game plan for the next quarter that has already brought in more income than I expected! I've set bigger goals than I ever thought I would set, and I believe that with the coaching I've gotten from Josie that I will reach all of them!”

Krista L.

90-Minute Success Strategy Coaching Call

You'll walk away from this 90-minute coaching session with a strategic plan for the next quarter based on the specific goals you want to achieve!

Josie Smith

Former CFO and tax pro turned

Business Strategist & Career Coach

Hi! I'm Josie!

I'm a former CFO and tax pro turned business strategist and career coach! While I love a good spreadsheet, I got bored of revolving my business around them, so I decided to create a world where business strategy, career development, and making a shit ton of money could be FUN! I work with ambitious, growth-obsessed, goal-focused individuals and business leaders who aren't afraid to shake things up, pave their own path, and burn down the old status quo.

I take you beyond the strategy, deep into intentional business building, and even deeper into the personal inner work in a way that equips you to confidently embrace the edgy, quirky, playful, bad-ass you were designed to be, so you can make more money and maximize the impact you're here to make in your career, your business, your life, and the world.

It's time to Unfilter Yourself and boldly own your unique power to change the world in a way that only you can, and to make a lot of money and have a hell of a lot of fun while doing it!